Serve Caviar with These Foods

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What foods go along with caviar?

Serve Caviar with These Foods

Here are some suggestions on what foods to try with caviar: Top scrambled eggs with caviar, or hide some inside an omelet. Carve out cooked baby red potatoes with a melon baller, fill with sour cream and top with caviar. Toss a bowl of angel hair pasta with caviar. Use caviar as a "frosting" for a whole soft creamy cheese. Sprinkle caviar onto the top of deviled eggs or fold it into egg salad. Top potato pancakes with sour cream and caviar. Mix caviar with cream cheese and use it as a stuffing for celery sticks or artichoke hearts. Top broiled oysters or clams with caviar before serving. Use caviar to garnish cold soups such as cream of potato or borscht. Add caviar to a vinaigrette dressing and toss with greens.



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