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How do I cook mahi mahi?

Cooking Mahi Mahi

Ways to cook your Mahi Mahi to get the most out of its delicious, sweet taste are the following:

Sautéeing. This method involves cooking over high heat in a shallow pan. A well-cooked, sautéed fish is golden brown on the outside and moist and tender on the inside. Season the fish, dip it in flour, shake off excess flour. In a nonstick pan, add a teaspoon of oil and place Mahi Mahi in a single layer. Gently flip the Mahi Mahi over when bottom is nicely browned. Cook until it flakes easily with a fork.

Steaming. One of the healthiest methods of cooking. Simply place 2” of water in the bottom of a saucepan. Try adding some green tea to the water for a wonderfully tasty yet subtle treat. Add a steamer basket. Season Mahi Mahi with your favorite spices, then place it in a steamer basket, lying each fillet flat. Cover and bring to boil. Check the fish for doneness after 10 minutes.

Poaching. This method involves simmering food in a liquid. Poaching is known as a perfect cooking and preparation method for seafood since it adds moisture but does not overpower the flavor of the fish. For a quick and easy poached fish dish, use vegetable or chicken stock in a pan large enough for each piece of fish to lie flat. Pour enough liquid to cover the fish and bring to a simmer (165–180 degrees). Fish 1" thick will take 15–20 minutes. Red Lobster wants everyone to know about this great method of cooking fish. Check it out on their website at

Broiling. Broiling involves using a high temperature and a direct heat source. This method is usually done in an oven, traditional or toaster variety. It is a perfect preparation method for a heart healthy diet since it is a low fat method of cooking Mahi Mahi and fish in general. All you do is place your Mahi Mahi fillet or steak on a baking sheet that is lightly greased. Place a couple of dabs of butter on the fish, or lightly spritz with olive oil. Place under broiler and cook until done.

Cooking Times. Fish is naturally tender, requiring short cooking times at high temperatures. Allow 10 minutes per inch of thickness (at the thickest part) for fresh fish, 20 minutes per inch for frozen fish.

For more ideas on cooking Mahi Mahi, visit Red Lobster's website. There is a wealth of information there on the mahi mahi fish.

What is sauteed mahi mahi?

Sauteed MAhi Mahi

A tasty and heart healthy way to enjoy Mahi Mahi is found by sauteeing it. It is tasty, easy, and quick. Here is a mahi mahi recipe that is sure to please. Try it and experience the wonderful, sweet taste of Mahi Mahi.

Citrusy Sauteed Mahi Mahi & Rice

½ cup brown rice, cooked and drain

1 pound Mahi Mahi fillets, cut into chunks

1 Tablespoon basil, freshly chopped

1 - 1” thick slice of onion, broken apart

½ cup juice of oranges, freshly squeezed

2 Tablespoons lemon juice, freshly squeezed preferred

1 teaspoon butter, melted

1 garlic clove, minced

1 Tablespoon basil, freshly chopped

Place butter into large skillet. Cook over medium heat until melted. Add Mahi Mahi, onion, and basil. Cover. When brown around edges, gently flip over. Cook until it easily flakes with fork.

Place all ingredients, except for brown rice, into large skillet. Cook over medium heat until a light citrus sauce covers the Mahi Mahi. Add more juice, if needed.

Serve sauteed Mahi Mahi on top of a bed of brown rice. Or, if you desire, simply stir the brown rice into the Mahi Mahi mixture while it is cooking in the skillet. Your choice. Either way, it will be delicous!

To lower the fat content, you may want to substitute some veggie broth for the butter.

What is one mahi mahi recipe?

Mahi Mahi recipes

One of the easiest way to prepare Mahi Mahi is by steaming it. The firm flesh of Mahi Mahi holds up well under steaming. Plus, it is a very healthy way of preparing this delightful fish. Simply add about 1-2” of water to a pan, place the fish fillet into a steamer (or saucepan with a steamer basket). Place the pan over medium heat and cook until done. For a one-dish meal and convenience, you may want to add some fresh vegetables in the same pan. When the Mahi Mahi is done to your liking (it will only take a few minutes), remove from heat. You can tell when it is done when it flakes easily by fork.

Place the Mahi Mahi and vegetables on a serving plate. Sprinkle some herbs (such as basil and garlic) on the fillet. Then, squeeze a fresh orange over the fish fillet. This recipe is very simple, but it will give you the chance to experience the taste of Mahi Mahi in an unadultered and natural way. Enjoy!

For a fancier dish requiring a bit more time and preparation (but well worth it!), try this Red Lobster recipe. It is taken from their Virtual Fresh Fish Cookbook found on their website,

Citrus Glazed Mahi Mahi (serves 5)

1 tsp olive oil

1 tsp garlic, minced

¼ c rum

¼ c sweet chili sauce

½ c orange marmalade

4 Mahi Mahi fillets, skinless

4 orange slices

2 c cooked white rice

¼ c diced fresh cilantro

Preheat an indoor grill to 350, or conventional oven to 400.

In a small saucepan, saute the olive oil and garlic over medium heat for 3-5 minutes.

Mix in the chili sauce, rum, and marmalade. Stir. Cook over heat until a syrup forms and marmalade


Season the Mahi Mahi with salt and pepper to your taste.

Heat 2 t of oil in a large saute pan.

Sear Mahi Mahi in oil until crusty.

Flip and cook until your desired doneness is reached.

Place cooked rice onto a platter, top with seared Mahi Mahi, glaze with citrus rum, and garnish with cilantro.

These are just two great tasting Mahi Mahi recipes for you to enjoy. Prepare both to experience the wonderful culinary delight this tasty fish provides.

What is a mahi mahi wrap?

Mahi Mahi Wraps

Mahi Mahi makes a great popular dish of late. It is commonly used in seafood tacos and wraps. So, here is a very low fat version of this tasty treat that you can prepare and enjoy.

Quick and Easy Lowfat Mahi Mahi Wrap (serves 2)

2 food wraps, your favorite variety

1 large Mahi Mahi fillet

sesame ginger sauce (or salad dressing)

1 medium tomato

1 avocado, peeled and sliced

shredded carrot, you adjust amount

shredded lettuce, you adjust amount

To prepare this Mahi Mahi recipe:

Take the Mahi Mahi fillet and coat with sesame/ginger sauce. Cover both sides. For a stronger taste, simply refrigerate for about an hour.

Place seasoned fillet onto grill, either outdoor or indoor.

Grill until done. Fillet will be done when flesh will be easily flaked with fork. (Only a couple minutes

per side). Flake the grilled Mahi Mahi and place into a bowl. Set aside.

Warm the food wraps in a large skillet just to get them more pliable. Plus, these Mahi Mahi wraps are better warm than cold.

Prepare the veggies. Place each into a separate bowl (if desired).

To prepare the final version of this Mahi Mahi recipe, simply take a food wrap and place onto your working area opened up. Place a 1-2” line of the grilled, marinated Mahi Mahi into the center. Place tomatoes, avocado slices, shredded carrot, and shredded lettuce on top of Mahi Mahi.

Roll right side of wrap over center portion. Do same for left side, top, and bottom portions of wrap. Either serve warm or wrap in plastic wrap for later consumption.

Note: You can find sesame/ginger sauce in your salad dressing section of the grocery store. Newman's Own makes a great tasting, low fat version.

This is a tasty way to use mahi mahi and a fun way to cook with mahi mahi.

How do I grill mahi mahi?

Grilled mahi mahi

So you have decided to enjoy Mahi Mahi, but are wondering how to grill with it. Grilling is one of the healthiest ways to enjoy any food, including fish. Plus, it is easier than you think. There are a couple of ways to prepare grilled Mahi Mahi.

Some may prefer putting aluminum foil over the grill prior to using it. Spray some oil onto the foil to prevent sticking. Either way is fine. Heat up the grill. Lightly spritz the Mahi Mahi with oil and sprinkle fresh herbs over it. Place the fish on the hot grill. Cook until you see the flesh change color to a more "cooked" look. (Poke it for doneness.) Gently flip over the Mahi Mahi when it appears done. Cook the other side until you see no uncooked flesh in the middle. Be sure you do not overcook it, or it will become tough. The entire process will only take a few minutes (about 10 total, for an average).

Here is a suggestion, taken from their website, that Red Lobster has for making the most of your grilling Mahi Mahi experience:

Lightly brush a piece of Mahi Mahi fish with oil and place it on a hot grill away from the hottest part of the fire. After a few minutes, the fish will release some of its own natural juices and should no longer stick to the grate. Check for color and doneness, and turn the fish over when light grill marks appear (it should only take a few minutes on each side).

After you have removed the cooked Mahi Mahi from the grill, squeeze some fresh orange or lemon over it for a delightfully tasty treat. Enjoy with some grilled veggies and iced tea for a very heart healthy meal.

If you prefer wine, Mahi Mahi goes great with a nice Chardonnay.

How do I bake Mahi Mahi?

Baked Mahi Mahi recipe

Here is a wonderful dish which uses baked Mahi Mahi. It is easy, tasty, and deliciously memorable.

Pineapple Glazed Baked Mahi Mahi, serves 4.

1 8-ounce can pineapple, sliced, unsweetened

1-1/2 teaspoons cornstarch

¼ teaspoon ground ginger

2 T honey

2 T soy sauce, reduced sodium variety

1 T lemon juice, freshly squeezed or bottled variety

4 Mahi Mahi fillets

Drain pineapple, saving juice for later use. Set pineapple aside.

In small saucepan, combine all ingredients except for lemon juice and Mahi Mahi.

Bring to boil over medium heat. Cook until thickened (about 2 minutes).

Stir in lemon juice.

Pour into bowl. Set aside. Some of this will be used as a reserve glaze.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Lightly spritz baking sheet with oil. Place Mahi Mahi fillets onto baking sheet. Spoon some of the glaze over the fillets. Bake for 5-7 minutes. Turn fillets over and cover other side with pineapple glaze. Bake for another 5-7 minutes, until fillet is easily flaked with a fork.

Place pineapple slices into either a grill or nonstick skillet. Heat thoroughly over medium heat, then add some glaze. Turn over once.

Serve Mahi Mahi with pineapple slices and reserved pineapple glaze.

For a truly heart healthy meal, enjoy this Mahi Mahi recipe with a green salad, baked potato, and a side of steamed carrots and broccoli. Mahi Mahi would go good with a Pinot Grigio, if you are so inclined to enjoy a white wine with your meal.

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