Health Tips for Eating Fish with Mercury

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What is a health tip for eating fish with mercury?

Health Tips for Eating Fish with Mercury

It is very difficult to totally avoid eating various types of fish which are known to contain mercury levels ranging from low to high. You can, at least, try to minimize the effects of your fish with mercury by following these health tips:

Remove the skin of your fish prior to cooking it. Some believe that mercury exists in skin of the fish. If you forget to remove the skin prior to cooking, at least remove it prior to eating. In addition to removing the mercury, you will be removing excess fat. That is healthy, all around.

If you find yourself in a situation (like eating out when a high mercury content fish is served) where you have few options available – just eat smaller portions. A great way to do this is simply to use your fish in a salad. Make the salad your main course. By doing this, you will automatically be eating healthier and safer.

Try to stick with fish that have low mercury content as often as possible. Again, these are (to name only a few): salmon, haddock, pollock, tilapia, oysters, sardines.

Do not consume the liquids that your fish with possible mercury was cooked in. Discard the poaching liquid, boiling water, or saute sauce.

Red Lobster has a variety of health tips on their website,, for you to check out.

Be concerned about the mercury fish poisoning issue but know that there are still healthy options available to you.



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