Grilled Seafood

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How do I grill seafood?

Grilled Seafood

By combining the enjoyment of eating seafood with preparing it a healthy way, you will get the most benefits for healthy living. Enjoy the pleasures of grilled seafood. It is easier than you think.

Red Lobster has a fresh fish cookbook that you can check out online. It contains delicious recipes, as well as seafood cooking tips. One interesting seafood cooking tip involves indoor grilling. Here is what Red Lobster (an obvious expert in seafood preparation) has to say about indoor grilling:

Preheat your grill. This will prevent your seafood from sticking to it. You can test your grill by simply sprinkling a couple drops of water onto it. They should bounce around when your grill is ready to be used.

Even if your indoor grill has a nonstick coating, lightly spritz it with oil. Be sure to use nonstick utensils while cooking to save your nonstick finish. Covered indoor grills will cook faster than uncovered grills. 2-3 minutes of cooking time for each one-half inch thickness, is the recommendation.. So, for a fish fillet that is one-half inch thick, cook it for only 2-3 minutes. If you plan on adding sauce to your fresh fish fillet, do it in the last minute or two of cooking. That will prevent it from burning.

Indoor grilling has gained in popularity recently and is an easy way for you to enjoy grilled food any time of the year.



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