Crab Nutrition Facts

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Is crab good for me?

Crab Nutrition Facts

As a member of the crustacean family, any variety of edible crab is known for its high nutrient content. So what exactly are you getting when enjoy your whole crab or crab legs?

Crab, a shellfish, used to have a bad reputation for having a high cholesterol content. As more and more research has been done into this subject, however, this myth has been proven invalid. Shellfish, overall, are known to have higher cholesterol content than most fish. However, if you eat it in moderate quantities – as is recommended – you will find crab and other shellfish to be extremely good for you. This includes king crab legs, snow crab legs, and all types of crab.

Crab is known to be very low in fat and a heart-healthy food. Crab is also an excellent source of protein, and, to top it off, contains few calories. Crab is a good source of chromium, which is known to help lower the levels of “good” cholesterol in our bodies. In turn, this lowers the risk of both heart and circulatory disease. Chromium also helps diabetes by stabilizing glucose levels. In addition, crab contains selenium, which is known to aid in the prevention of cancer.

Crab meat contains vital amounts of essential fatty acids, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous. These nutrients are all important for a well-balanced nutritional diet. The conclusion? Crab is a nutrient-rich powerhouse.



6/10/2009 1:49:26 PM
Tony Brown said:

If crab is a good source of chromium and lowers the levels of "good" cholesterol in our bodies, it must increase, not lower, the risk of heart disease.

5/31/2011 3:24:14 PM
Ned said:

Possible typo."Chromium lowers the level of Good Cholesterol".I would think you meant it lowers the level of LDL or increases the level of HDL


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