How To Schuck Oysters

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How do I shuck an oyster?

How To Schuck Oysters

Using a thick kitchen towel, grip the oyster, flat side up, and force the tip of an oyster knife, which has an inflexible, pointed blade, between the shells just next to the hinge. Pry, twisting the knife, while at the same time trying to push the blade into the oyster, breaking the hinge. Run the blade along the inside of the upper shell to free the oyster, removing the top shell. Then scrape along the lower shell and remove the oyster if you're serving it on the half shell, pick out any loose fragments of the shell, being careful not to spill the oyster's delicious liquid.



6/9/2007 8:55:36 PM
James C Eakes said:

This was the 2nd site I used to see how to schuck oysters and BINGO; now I can easily get em out. Great tip; thanks
Best info was hold oyster with towell and kind of knife to use.

12/23/2007 4:53:46 PM
Gary N. Williams said:

I appreciate how informative this web site really is. Thanks again!


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