Types of Salmon

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What are the types of salmon?

Types of Salmon

When you go to the fish market (or fish department of your grocery store), you will probably see a variety of salmon available. What are they and how do they differ? Let us explore...

Atlantic Salmon. This salmon is caught, of course, in the cold salt waters of the Atlantic Ocean – if it is wild. Sometimes this type of salmon is farm-raised. Red Lobster sells and uses this type of salmon, caught in the waters of the Atlantic, both online and throughout its restaurants.

Alaskan Salmon. Of course, this salmon is from the cold, salt waters surrounding Alaska.

Pacific NW Salmon. There are five varieties of salmon in this category: king, chinook, sockeye/red, coho/silver, and pink/humpback). This wild salmon is from the cold salt waters of the Pacific Ocean located in what is known as the Pacific Northwest region. All have a delightful taste and, overall, are low in fat.

King salmon. This type of salmon is the most commonly consumed variety available. It is the largest of salmon. It is one of the Pacific NW variety. It is very tasty and low in fat.

Chinook salmon. Another Pacific NW variety of salmon. Its taste is as comparable to the King variety.

Coho/silver salmon. This variety is called silver since, figure this out, its body is silver.

Copper River Salmon. This is the primo of the salmon world, which also explains its high price. Once you taste it (in my opinion), you will not want anything else. However, it does not suit all palates. Some like it, some do not. Its flesh has a beautifully rich color. And, the flesh tastes very rich. Its taste is stronger than other varieties. It comes from the Copper River region of Alaska. These salmon are only available for a limited time in May and June.

Chum salmon. You have probably seen this type of salmon at very good prices at your fish market. Ever wonder why? It is because chum is known as the low end of the salmon world. It tastes good and there is nothing wrong with eating it. The taste, however, it not as strong as other varieties of salmon.

Pink salmon. This salmon is most notably found in the canned salmon variety. It is called pink due to its flesh being more pink than other varieties of salmon.

Use any of these varieties in salmon recipes.



5/11/2009 12:21:29 AM
Edwin said:

King and chinook salmon are the same fish! You forgot about sockeye salmon and how delicious those fish are! pink salmon? The locals around washington state we call them pinks because that's how you catch them by using anything pink!


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