Known as a "meaty fish"

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Why is salmon a "meaty fish"?

Known as a "meaty fish"

For those of us craving meat, but wanting to eat a healthier diet - salmon is the answer. Salmon is known as the “meaty fish” in the seafood world. This is due to the fact that it has a firm and dense flesh that is much chewier than that found in other types of fish. “Meaty fish” is known for satisfying those who enjoy beef and other forms of red meat. The reason for this is the fact that salmon is the closest fish to having the texture of meat.

The similarity between salmon and red meat stands out the most when grilling salmon. By doing this, you can easily experience the chewiness and firmness of the salmon flesh when compared to beef. It is healthier than red meat, though, since it is low in saturated fat. Here is a salmon recipe that is a great way for meat lovers to enjoy the wonderful world of fish:

In one small saucepan, place some balsamic vinegar. Cook over medium heat until a syrup consistency is formed. Set aside. This process is known as a reduction.

Lightly spritz one salmon fillet (or more depending on the number of people you are serving) with olive oil. Sprinkle with some dried basil and rosemary. Place onto a preheated indoor grill. Close. Cook for 2-3 minutes per one-half inch thickness. Remove from grill and drizzle with balsamic vinegar reduction/syrup. Enjoy with a baked potato or serving of couscous and fresh, steamed veggies.

There you have it. An easy, quick heart healthy meatless meal for the meat lover.



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