Seafood Storage Tips for Shrimp and Fish

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How do I store fish?

Seafood Storage Tips for Shrimp and Fish

Store cooked shrimp in a resealable
plastic bag in the coldest part of your refrigerator. Cooked shrimp will last for up to three
days in your fridge. You get the best taste when you freeze
raw shrimp as compared to cooked shrimp. Cooked shrimp, when thawed,
may have a tendency to be mushy. It also loses some of its flavor. You can freeze raw shrimp with or without
shell. The heads should be removed, however. Frozen raw shrimp will last for six
months in the freezer and frozen cooked shrimp will last for two
months. Frozen shrimp (both cooked and raw)
should be defrosted prior to using for shrimp cocktails.

Defrost frozen shrimp by running under
cold water. Frozen shrimp can be added directly to
baked dishes, without defrosting. Never lift a whole live fish by the tail.
Fish bruise easily. When learning how to keep fresh fish, it is
important to know how to handle them.

Do not allow cooked seafood to come in
direct contact with other raw seafood or other raw meats. Fresh fish should be rinsed under cold water
then patted dry with an absorbent paper towel to prepare it for
storage. This is an essential step when storing fresh fish.

You can store your fish by wrapping in
plastic wrap (tightly), placing it into a resealable plastic bag, or
storing it in an air-tight container. Place in refrigerator.



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