Storing and Shipping Seafood

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How do I pack fresh fish?

Storing and Shipping Seafood

Fresh fish should be rinsed under cold water, then patted dry with an absorbent paper towel to prepare it for storage. This is an essential step when storing fresh fish.

You can store your fish by wrapping in plastic wrap (tightly), placing it into a resealable plastic bag, or storing it in an air-tight container. Place in refrigerator or freezer.

If you are planning on shipping your fresh fish anywhere, you can approach any of your local fish mongers, fresh fish markets, or fresh seafood restaurants. They will all, more than likely, be knowledgeable about what you need to do to be assured of packing and shipping fresh fish properly.

Another place to turn to are the businesses specializing in shipping specialty items. They are worth a try.

First of all, you will need to buy an insulated container large enough to hold your fresh fish. An insulated container is essential for packing and storing your fresh fish. That is, of course, if you are planning on shipping your fresh fish.

Place a layer of ice on the bottom of your insulated container. Place your fresh fish on top of this. Then, place a cold, moist cloth on top of the fish. To complete the process, add more ice to the container.

Securely fasten the insulated container prior to shipping. Duct tape is recommended as the final step in packing your fresh fish.

If you are catching your own fresh fish, take along a large size insulated container with you. Or, you can simply have a large pan that is filled with ice. Once you catch your fresh fish, just toss it into the pan.

Many boats have a compartment where you can place your freshly caught fish. These compartments are usually ice cold and are a good way to store your fresh fish for the short term.

Packing and storing fresh fish can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Find one that works for you and enjoy.



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