Fresh Lobster Delivery

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Can I get fresh lobster delivery?

Fresh Lobster Delivery

When you are in the market for some fresh, live lobster there is a convenient way for you to purchase. It is known as live lobster delivery.

As with fresh fish delivery, if a fish monger or fish store sells lobster, they may offer a live lobster delivery service. If you do not see signs advertising this in-house, simply ask. There may be an extra shipping and handling cost, but the added convenience will be worth it.

There is a lot to be said about not carrying or handling live lobster on your own. Let an expert do it for you. By having a live lobster delivery service available, it can save you the frustration of worrying about it. Most fish mongers and fish stores will do the worrying and storing for you.

Some live lobster delivery can be done online. One such seafood restaurant offering that delivery service is the ever-popular Red Lobster. All you need to do is go online to the website and place an order. You can order the size lobster you prefer, along with the amount. Plus, you can pay online with your credit card. Or, use your Red Lobster gift card. There is an additional charge for shipping and handling.

By using Red Lobster's live lobster delivery service you can be assured of proper packaging, storing, and freshness. In fact, they ship the live Maine lobsters overnight directly to your doorstep. The lobsters are caught in the morning off the coast of Maine and Nova Scotia – cold water at its best!



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