What is mahi mahi?

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What is mahi mahi?

What is mahi mahi?

Mahi Mahi (meaning “strong, strong” in Hawaiian) is a mild tasting tropical fish found in the warm waters of the Caribbean, South America, and along the coasts of south U.S. They are also known as “dolphin fish”. This name is the result of them swimming along with the mammal dolphin (like Flipper).

A member of the tuna family, Mahi Mahi are said to be one of the fastest growing fish in the seafood world. Plus, they are consumed worldwide, most prevalently in America and the Caribbean. More and more restaurants are serving this fish, since the demand has increased for it. Have you enjoyed a fish taco recently? The full-flavored Mahi Mahi is the popular fish used in this tasty treat.

When restaurants and chefs are looking to add variety to their menus, Mahi Mahi is a great choice due to its darker flesh color. They appear more exotic than the average white fish does.

On the Red Lobster website, you will find this description of Mahi Mahi:

Also known as Dorado, this warm-water fish has a firm texture that cooks up well. Its flavorful taste is best enjoyed broiled, grilled or sautéed. Red Lobster is known for their expertise of seafood.

Mahi Mahi are known for being fast swimmers, sometimes reaching up to 50 knots per hour (a little fun fact).

The exterior of a Mahi Mahi fish is known for its bright colors of green, gold, and blue covering its body. It is considered a popular game fish.

In addition, Mahi Mahi have a firm texture which makes it quite versatile for different cooking methods. Cooking with mahi mahi is easy. Their versatility allows them to be flexible and retain their firm flesh as far as cooking methods go.

Once you experience the delightful taste of Mahi, Mahi...you will want to enjoy it on a regular basis.



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