Types of Lobster

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What are some types of lobster?

Types of Lobster

To help you better understand lobsters, let us learn more about some of the more popular varieties out there.

First of all, you need to know that the temperature of water in which the type of lobster is found is important.

Cold water lobsters are known for tasting better than warm water. This is evident from the brilliant white flesh. This goes without saying that the Maine fishing industry is one of the more popular lobster locations in the world. That is the area where Red Lobster gets their lobster from, another testament to the superior taste of other lobster markets.

Rock lobster is the is the most popular type of lobster consumed, and most lobster tails found on the U.S. Market are of this variety. Red Lobster sells this variety of Maine live lobster. Long, active antennaes are sure signs of a fresh, healthy rock lobster.

Spiny lobster is another term used interchangeably with rock lobster. They are so called due to their hard shell being spiny.

Furry lobster are related to the slipper and spiny variety of lobster. Their antennae are not as large as those specific varieties of slipper and spiny lobsters and their bodies are covered in short hairs, otherwise known as fur. Hence, the term “furry lobster”.



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