Buying live lobster

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How do I buy a live lobster?

Buying live lobster

Buying live lobsters can be a scary task, but it doesn't need to be. You just need to know what to look for. Here are some tips that will make your purchase easier.

Color. When buying live lobsters, look for a healthy-looking brightly colored shell. Even if it is brown, it should still be a healthy, vibrant color.

Shell. The live lobster should have a solid shell, no visual spots, nor any soft spots.

The lobster should not have a strong odor, nor one that is offensive to you. If the lobster's odor makes any remarks about your mother, we recommend you not purchase said lobster.

. Pick up the live lobster when buying it. It should feel heavy for its size. But don't comment on it's weight outloud. They are sensitive creatures.

Movement. When deciding upon which live lobster to buy, notice if the lobster is lively and vigorous. It should have a lot of antennae and leg movement. When either you, or the fish monger, lifts up the lobster notice if its tail goes underneath its body. It should do this if it is truly fresh. The tail should not hang down. If the lobster is sluggish, do not buy it. Also, live lobsters that have been refrigerated for a bit will have less movement than those found in warmer holding tanks.

Client: A sure fire way to know you are getting the freshest lobster is to buy it from Red Lobster. They receive their fresh live Maine lobsters early in the morning, direct from the Atlantic. Plus, they hand select their live lobsters. Each one weighs from 1.25 to 3 pounds. To make it even better, Red Lobster offers customers the chance to purchase them online from the Red Lobster website. Buy your live Maine lobster online at It is delivered directly from the dockside to your door step.



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