Restaurant Discounts

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How can I get a restaurant discount?

Restaurant Discounts

Here are some more tips to help you stretch your dining out budget by using restaurant discounts. There is bound to be something you can use here to make your pocketbook smile while you're eating out!

  • Senior discounts. Oftentimes there are restaurant discounts offered to senior citizens. Sometimes the restaurant has their own card, other times not. Most restaurants have the percentage posted on their menu and by their checkout area. Look for it.
  • Community cards. Some local communities sell a card that offers residents a discount at local businesses.
  • Public television. Public television lives on donations. A variety of local public television networks offer a discount card to viewers. In addition to helping the television station, the viewer purchasing the card is rewarded with a variety of discounts. The discounts are listed in a business directory that the customer/viewer receives upon purchase.
  • Grand openings. When a restaurant is new to the area, a great way for them to introduce themselves to the community is by offering restaurant discounts. Look in your local newspaper for news on this.
  • Telephone book. Some phone books have a section containing information on restaurant discounts.
  • Community directory. This is yet another great place to look for information about local restaurant discounts. You can usually pick these up for free at your local Chamber of Commerce.



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