Seafood Health Tips

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What is a seafood health tip?

Seafood Health Tips

Even though seafood is a healthy and nutritious food, there are ways to make it even better for you. Try some of these tips to enjoy an even healthier seafood experience: is a wonderful resource for seafood health tips. Some of their useful tips include:

  • Substituting cocktail sauce for butter. Cocktail sauce will have you decreasing your fat content, a definite plus.

  • Choose rice over french fries as your side dish. The savings in fat and carbohydrate content will have you smiling.

  • Share dessert with a friend. Save calories the fun way.

  • When preparing seafood, use broiling, steaming, and grilling as your method of cooking.

In addition to Red Lobster's seafood health tips, you can also:

  • Choose fresh seafood salads instead of deep fried seafood.

  • Buy canned tuna in water instead of oil. Discard the liquid prior to eating.

  • Add poaching as a heart healthy and quick method of cooking.

  • Instead of heavy sauces, squeeze a fresh orange, lime or lemon over your seafood.

  • Use herbs to season your seafood instead of butter and salt.



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