Enjoying Healthy Seafood

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How can I start enjoying healthy seafood?

Enjoying Healthy Seafood

There is a variety of ways to start enjoying healthy seafood. You can prepare it yourself by using healthy seafood recipes, or, when dining out, you can order heart healthy seafood. Either way, treat yourself to a wonderful experience.

When preparing seafood yourself, use heart healthy seafood recipes. Go to your bookstore and peruse the magazine section. There are wonderful cooking magazines available, some specializing in seafood cooking. Another option is to check out is your local grocery store. Many will have recipe cards, usually located by the seafood department. And we cannot forget about the wonderful cooking shows on television. Finally, cookbooks are wonderful resource to use when you want to be brave and prepare new seafood dishes.

Red Lobster has a wonderful fresh fish cookbook and recipe cards that feature many healthy seafood recipes. You can view both the virtual fresh fish cookbook and recipe cards online at their website.

When dining out, order your seafood dish prepared in healthful manner. For example, broiling, poaching, steaming, or grilling are wonderful choices, whereas fried seafood adds unwanted fat.



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