How to Eat a Whole Crab

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How do I eat a whole crab?

How to Eat a Whole Crab

Some crab lovers may be curious as to if and how one can eat a whole crab. Some restaurants serve them, and you can also purchase whole crabs in a variety of fish markets and seafood departments in grocery stores. By buying and eating a whole crab you can enjoy a variety of crab meat in addition to the crab legs (which contain crab meat).

First of all, know that eating a crab -- either crab legs or a whole crab -- is time consuming. It is not an easy process that is done in a couple of minutes. Once you get the hang of it, though, it does go quicker.

Here are some tips for how to eat a whole crab:

  • To remove the crab meat from the shell once the crab is cooked, grab ahold of the crab legs and twist until they separate from the body. Repeat the same process for the claws. While you may be able to remove the crab meat from the legs easily, the claws require extra effort. You will need to use a mallet because the shells are thicker than the crab legs.
  • Push the body away from the shell by pushing it upwards until you hear (and feel) a pop. This will separate the crab flesh from the shell. Discard the crab's innards and scoop out and enjoy the tender white meat.
You may find it easier to work on the body in quarters to get to the crab meat. Do whatever works for you.

Also, if you come across any juices from the shells, save them. You can use them in other seafood or crab recipes such as fish sauce, soup, or stock.



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