Where to Buy Fresh Seafood

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Where do I buy fresh seafood?

Where to Buy Fresh Seafood

When buying your fresh seafood, you need to be careful where you buy it. There are some things to look for to ascertain the freshness. Here are some tips for you to follow:

Notice the smell. Upon entering the establishment, notice the overall aroma. If it reeks of fish, turn around and leave. A good fish store will have a pleasant, sometimes ocean-like smell. Any store that has a foul smell can assure you that the seafood it is selling is just as foul.

Notice the location. Fish stores located directly on the piers, where ships can unload their catch, are great. You can watch the fresh seafood being taken from the boats to the stores. How much more fresh can you get? If you go to your local grocery store, notice how clean the seafood case is. You do not want to see any blood soaked towels, unkept displays, or dirty signs. Cleanliness is important.

Notice the reputation. What kind of reputation does the establishment have? Is it highly recommended by others? Is it known for having knowledge about fresh seafood? Is it trustworthy? A good reputation is important. It can assure you that when they state your seafood is fresh, you can trust them to mean it.

Notice the handling. When watching fish mongers handling the fresh seafood that you may buy, notice if they appear clean. You don't want someone handling your fresh fish that looks like they have never cleaned their hands. Also notice the cleanliness of the knives and other equipment they use to handle your fresh seafood.

Buying fresh seafood can be fun and safe. Just be certain you know how to do it properly.



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