Using Your Senses

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How do I buy fresh fish or fresh seafood?

Using Your Senses

Whenever you are buying fresh seafood of any kind, using your senses will result in the best results. What do we mean by that?

Smell. A sure fire way to tell whether your fresh fish or fresh seafood is truly fresh and ready to be bought is by smelling it. Simply take a sniff. If you receive an unpleasant odor or strong fishy smell, it is too old to be bought. It is not going to taste good no matter how you cook it. Even though it may look like fresh seafood, a strong odor indicates otherwise.

Sight. Look at the fresh seafood. Visual appearance is another factor that comes into play when buying fresh seafood. For fresh fish, look for tight scales (closely attached to the flesh) and a shiny skin. Also look at the color. If the color appears dull, or if the edges are grey, do not buy it. This applies for both fresh fish and other types of fresh seafood. Discoloration is a sign that fish, or seafood in general, has been sitting around too long. Also, look for any spots. Your fresh fish and other fresh seafood should not have any spots on it. As with people, spots are a sign of aging.

Touch. Before buying fresh fish, touch it. Gently press the flesh. If it springs back quickly and feels firm, it is fresh. Fish that is not fresh will slip away from the bones and be soft to the touch. Also, if you feel any slime, either on fresh fish or other types of fresh seafood, do not buy it.

Using your senses to their full extent while buying any fresh seafood will reward you with a tasty and healthy seafood experience.

Client: Red Lobster wants you to get the most out of your experience of buying fresh seafood. They know the importance of having your senses show you the way to a tasty, pleasant and healthy dining experience. Using your senses in choosing fresh seafood is one sure fire way to be rewarded with great results.



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