Do It Yourself Seafood Appetizers

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What is a do it yourself seafood appetizer?

Do It Yourself Seafood Appetizers

When preparing for your next get-together, you need to think about having a variety of finger foods available. You know, something quick, easy, and not very messy to eat. Here are a couple great seafood appetizers that do just that.

Salmon Spread
12-ounces canned salmon, drained
2 T red onion, chopped
2 t lemon juice, freshly squeezed preferred
4 t sour cream, fat free variety
2 t mayonnaise, low fat
1 t horseradish

Place all ingredients into small bowl.
Mix with fork until of spreadable consistency.
Place in serving dish.
Serve with wholegrain crackers and fresh veggies such as: celery sticks, baby carrots, zucchini slices.
Roasted Garlic & Salmon Spread

For a variation on the above seafood appetizer, this is for the garlic lover amongst us.
Roasted Garlic
2 heads garlic
¼ c veggie broth

Preheat oven to 350. Cut just the tops of the garlic cloves off to expose the cloves.
Place cloves into small baking dish.
Add veggie broth, it should be about 1/4" deep.
Cover with foil.
Bake for one hour.

Add roasted garlic to above salmon spread. Viola! A quick and easy way to convert your plain (but scrumptious!) salmon spread into a Roasted Garlic Salmon Spread. What a tasty seafood appetizer for everyone to enjoy!



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