Healthy Living Tips

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What is a healthy living tip?

Healthy Living Tips

While enjoying more heart healthy seafood, start doing more healthy living activities. It's easier than you think. Try these healthy living tips:

  • Experiment with new foods. If you have never had mackerel, try it. You may like it. You will find some foods are very enjoyable and you will want to start eating them regularly. Go to your local farmer's market, fish market, or health food store. Just be sure that the food is in its unadulterated state (not processed). That will make experimenting with your healthy living options simple.
  • Start using or growing your own herbs. Substitute herbs for salt while preparing your heart healthy seafood. You will find that as you decrease your salt intake, you will miss it less and less. Plus, some herbs have such pleasurable tastes, you will find yourself enjoying them more over time. Either buy an herb mixture in the store, or make your own. Experiment.
  • Do more physical activity every day. No matter what your current level is, push yourself further. You'll notice a difference.
  • Eat more heart healthy seafood on a regular basis. Not only will you be getting a high-protein, low-fat food, your body will be nourished from the high nutrient content.



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